Thursday, March 20, 2008

I made a very strange discovery yesterday. Smallest One had brought back some physalis husks from the garden - they are now bizarre ephemeral objects, a mere net spun over the husk frame. All the fibres have rotted to leave a beautiful, delicate lace.
They were sitting on the dashboard of the car. When she had picked them up, I had thought they were a bit sandy, but I didn't mention it to her. On closer inspection, though, I realise that the "sand" is actually seed. Dozens of physalis seeds. Blimey, how many of them have fallen in the ground over winter?? Still, I am tempted to sow some indoors, because an early start is crucial otherwise they don't have time to ripen (this year I will plastic bag them at the end of summer, they must ripen on the bush). I can always give some away to friends too.

Oh and before I forget, it's the first day of spring!!!

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