Thursday, March 06, 2008

I had a quick scan of the seed situation yesterday. I have buggered up some things slightly - I now have two identical packets of leek seed, 3 packets of peas (I will never grow that many surely, although they are earlies and lates), only one lot of green beans. loads of lettuce seeds.
The potatoes are causing me some worry too. The ones that are chitting are sprouting really long feelers, I hope they don't get all buggered up when they go in the ground. I think I might have to plant them sooner rather than later.
Popped down the lottie yesterday to put some waste on the compost, and I noticed that the weeds are starting to kick in. Oh well at least maybe I can then dig them out when I start planting. The strawberries are giving out new growth, maybe it will be time to fertilise them soon. I must buy some organic food for the fruit.
I must start some of the seedlings this weekend too, the tomatoes and peppers need starting and I might try some new lettuce and the first leeks. Well I say the weekend, all I really need is to get down there to fill my trays and pots with some potting mix, because all those will be sown indoors anyway.
Smallest One saw the new paths for the first time and declared them to be "superb" so I suppose we must have done a good job. I felt slightly discouraged, seeing all the empty beds and thinking of all the digging and weeding to come, but I also know how pleased I will feel once the seedlings start up and the plants start to take place in their beds. It couldn't be worse than last year's starting from scratch anyway.

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Saw your comments about Lidl seeds so picked up a few this week - missed the yellow beans so will go back at the weekend.
I haven't started sowing yet as we have an old house which is cold (15°C) and not much light.
Saw on BBC that in UK Lidl sell fruit trees for £3-95 - never seen them here, will look out for them as GC charges €20-€30
Often Leclerc sells cheap fruit trees and bushes in the spring. You need to keep an eye out for their brochures in the letterbox, actually might be about now because they have seed potatoes already last time I was there. I bought my spuds from them last year but they all got blight :-( still, trees and bushes should be OK.
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