Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!
In typical fashion the weather over the Easter weekend was mostly cold and drizzly and today, back at work, it is nice sunshine. bugger...
Well, by Sunday I was getting thoroughly depressed looking at my chitting spuds so I decided to brave the elements between two drizzles and go down to the lottie.
Once again, depressed by all the work there is still left to do. But I do feel as if it is better than at the same stage last year. OK, there is still a lot of tidying up to do. The flower beds are quite messy but at least some of the plants are established now so just need to fill in the gaps and weed throughly.
I planted the second earlies, Bernadette variety. By my calculations they should be ready in July.
Then I weeded the garlic and lettuce which to my mind was overrun with - bloody rocket again. I think it has self seeded all over the shop! But it is easier to get out than dock... The garlic looks great, the stems are at least 20cm high and the stalks are looking thick - I hope this means that there are nice heads developing underneath??
Finally I dug over a plot of about 1 x 3 metres, weeded it (there is still bloody bindweed there and also redshank which when small pulls out quite easily, thank goodness) and then set up my polytunnel. To my disgust the plastic is not wide enough! It is supposed to be 2m wide but it was nowhere near that when I unpackaged it. So it drapes over the half-circles but only just touches the ground. :-( oh well, maybe it will provide sufficient heat like that. I sowed under it 4 rows of early carrots, beetroot, a row of fennel and a square of early peas. Well, I suppose it is not too in advance of the real sowing times anyway, perhaps it will just provide some frost protection and keep off too many nasties (the birds at least I guess).
The peas I sowed a couple of weeks ago are just showing their sprouts so the weather must be warming up after all. I wonder if they will work? I have trouble with peas.
Next task - get in the manure for the greedy summer crops before it gets too late.

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