Monday, March 17, 2008

Despite the foul weather of the weekend, I was determined to do something down the lottie, albeit fleeting. Having once again forgotten the camera... I arrived down there with Smallest One with two bags of veg scraps for the compost (the bin had once again imploded) and our nicely chitted early potatoes (Amandine).
I uncovered the spud plot, that had been tarpaulin-covered, and we dug in two and a half rows of spuds, Me digging and Her putting the spuds in the right place. We moved the tarp and spread it out over the to-be-summer crops plot, where the tomatoes, peppers and courgettes will go.
I then did a bit of weeding around the raspberries (new shoots coming on the plants and out of the ground now) and gooseberries (leaf buds forming, even on the plant that was just a broken off twig that I shoved in the ground - it obviously rooted duriong February's mild weather). The strawberries are just starting to take off too.
Dug up some of the last parsnips and leeks, and my nice neighbour gave me some green cabbage leaves (boiled them up the next day them tossed them in onions cooked in butter, they were delicious).
The onions and garlic are coming on a treat!! The echalotes are up and the first onion stems are just poking through the ground.
As the rain started to spit down, I grabbed come containers full of potting mix. I had seeds to sow at home too...

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We planted redcurrant bushes and raspberries a couple of weeks ago. the redcurrants have lots of leaves but only 2/6 raspberries are showing signs of life. Probably too early to worry yet. Wonder how they will like our hot dry summer.
It's early days yet if they have just been planted. I only just spotted my new foliage this week, and the gooseberries are only just budding.
You would do well to give a good dressing of compost and mulch around them, because if it is too dry they will tend to get a bit thirsty ;-)
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