Tuesday, March 04, 2008

As I didn't get to the garden this weekend due to the rain, I thought I would scratch out a new picture of the planned plantings for this season. Obviously this is largely wishful thinking, and will depend on how much I dig and whether those bloody savoy cabbages are going to give me some leaves or not - if they don't plump up soon I will rip out the stupid things.

If you click the image you will see a bigger version of course:

I don't think it is entirely representative of the space I have, the plot is longer than it seems on paper but it gives an idea. If anyone sees any glaring planting errors, I would be pleased to hear about them ;-) This year I will try to feed the veg more and squash them up a bit...

Two weeks and winter is behind us...

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How did you make that garden plan image? It's very nice.
Hi, I'm just starting a veg garden in the South of France. Love your blog - useful for ideas and dates. I'll let you know how I get on.
Thanks for such nice comments!! The image was made in Microsoft Visio which is a drafting program, then I just saved it as a picture file. The original is much bigger and clearer, but you can do something similar in Powerpoint, if you are very brave!
Where are you in the south of France Suzie?? Here I get Britanny type weather, a bit more sun than the peninsula but it is not too cold in the winter. I promise some more pics this year, hopefully the weather will be better too!
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