Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday - not quite as glorious as Saturday but fairly warm, although overcast. And, miracles of miracles, Hubby (who is a hugely non-gardening person) offered to help me with the paths. As the offer does not come every day, I said yes, ignoring the agonizing muscle pain that I had in my legs and bum from all Saturday's work.
We lifted two of the carpet paths, levelled out the ground and laid cardboard then my little wooden squares. It looked very nice when it was done, and it has left a lot more room for veg plots, I have gained quite a bit of space. Unfortunately, there were 3 horizontal paths but only enough squares for two. So I will need to find more wood, methinks. He then helped me make another path up the middle of the lot with two rows of wood hammered into the ground and wider planks flat between them, so I have space to walk. Thank you Hubby for all the hard work ;-)
He then watched (appalled) as I tidied the shed: the bag of peat that I somehow can't seem to get rid of had spilt all over the place (I am suspecting something was digging in it because the bag had no holes), so I scraped up all that, tidied the poles and sticks that were all over the place and found two bags full of composting weeds that were now full of a black sludgy stuff, at which hubby turned his nose up while I was exclaiming "Brilliant! that will go on the compost". Gardening horrifies him, I think. The compost bin is looking decidely full so I will have to put up the polytunnel later in the week and dig in some compost and plant the first carrots, beets, rainbow chard and spring lettuce. there is a lot of compost ready at the bottom of the bin, that I started in January 2007.

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I'm trying to figure why hubby was so apalled by you cleaning the shed out? Must've missed something.
Hi clodhopper! Not appalled by my cleaning but appalled by the state of the shed!! I am afraid I had let it get into quite a state over winter. I forgot the camera or I would have taken before and after shots :-) I even found some potato plants from last year!!! (or the black shrivelled remains of them)
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