Monday, February 25, 2008

On Saturday, it was a glorious day, quite unbelievable for February, brilliant sun and quite warm. So it had to be an afternoon down the allotment. There were loads of people at the site, all making the most of the lovely weather.
I attacked the onion patch, digging in some manure, and I uncovered the bean area that had been tarpaulined since October. I had let all the chopped down beanstalks rot and underneath the ground was dark and crumbly, I just dug in the grassy dead material, it will break down. A few good forkfuls of manure went on too then I planted the echalotes (Jelmor cuisse de poulet), the red onions and the yellow onions, all sets. Today (Monday) it is a bit rainy so they will be well watered in.
While feeling terribly enthusiastic, I also manured and dug over the patches where the spuds will go and covered them with the tarp. That will save me a lot of work in a few weeks' time ;-)
The broad beans have flowers, will they give any beans I wonder? They have been in all winter.
I looked at the new strawberry plants, and I put little sticks around them to keep the black plastic back off the crowns so they can get the maximum sun and rain now. They all seem to have taken, now they just have to grow.
So many heralds of spring, the cherry trees are starting to flower around town, and I noticed that the gooseberries and raspberries are starting to have buds. The rhubarb is growing well, as are the artichokes, and the roses given to me by a friend have all got new growth so they must have rooted well over the winter.
Oh and I nearly forgot, I planted some first peas (Kelvedon Wonder) and ripped up the last remaining Romanesco, broccoli and sprouts. Got about a pound of late sprouts, about 1 1/2 kilos of Romanesco heads and shoots, and 5 lovely leeks. Blimey no wonder I was knackered afterwards, that was a lot of bloody work in retrospect!!!! Still when I look over the plot I see how much work is still to be done :-( BUT the plot on the whole is much more worked over than last year so if I take one patch at a time I am sure it will be OK.

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