Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's been very rainy here with terrific gales on the weekend, I popped down to the lottie on Monday night and the compost box has been exploded again. I am still amazed that the wind can pull the lid off, because it takes all my strength to lift it back on again! I will have to screw some brackets or something on. someway that means that the box can still be taken apart one day if need be. It did let me have a good look at the compost levels though, I almost wish I had taken a picture. My first thought was "I don't remember putting all that dirt in there" before realizing that the dirt is the finished compost ;-) I think that if I keep on religiously adding things, then I should have some good compost to add to the sown areas in the spring.
The plants are all dying down well now, the romanesco got kind of blown sideways but is still in the ground so I will just pick that one first. The rain has made the leaf mulch nice and soggy and hopefully it will rot down in the next few weeks.
I pulled up a few leeks and some more rocket which has turned out to be indestructible.
I found a nice way to cook sliced parsnips: wrapped in foil with some oil or marg, a chopped apple, and some thyme/salt/pepper and a little water. It steams but also caramelises a bit. Yum. My hubby and I like them but the kids are still doubtful.
Last bit of news
I am on the last handful of onions that I grew myself. I started using them in August/September sometime so considering I thought the crop was crappy, in fact it has lasted me for quite a number of weeks. Everyone says, oh I wouldn't bother with onions, they are cheap to buy, but I feel they have good flavour and I like that reminder of my hard work, still paying off after the season is long over. Next year I want to try red onions, echalots and hopefully my overwintering garlic will be better than last year's. (oh i still have little tiny white onions shoots too, I hope they will give me some spring onions in the right month)

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