Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yes I know I have been a bit slack but it is mostly because for a fortnight family commitments have stopped me getting down the lottie :-(
Yesterday I popped down, to give the lettuce some water as it still hasn't rained here. I harvested the last strawberries, some rocket that is growing EVERYWHERE and some physalis.
The raspberries are finished, they need pruning, as do the gooseberries. The last tomato plant is done for. The fruit bed needs weeding and digging over. The beans are finished, I think I will cut them down and leave them to rot on the ground. The rhubarb is starting to die off. The mustard needs cutting too. And I desperately need to get some horse poo but don't know when or how I will transport it. sigh. There is so much to do.
I have collected a bit more cardboard for my paths so I will be able to do that soon, with a bit of luck. I also was given a whole lot of pretty stones that I will use to put round the fruit bed so I can cut back weeds and fill the bed with manure and compost in the spring. And some friends are giving me leaves so I can make a big leaf mold container with leaves and all the grassy bits that are lying around the plot.
Must take more pics soon to show how everything is dying off.

Will people not deliver horse poo? That's usually how it's done in Britain. They don't expect you to load it in your car. You have to pay of course, but it's never very much.
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