Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saturday was a cold but sunny day, perfect for a stroll down to the lottie, with plenty of rubbish to chuck on the compost.
The garden is decomposing I suppose you could say. The physalis has been killed off by the frost : the leeks are still in the ground but need rapidly pulling as they are getting past their best: the rhubarb has died back: the parsnips are in the ground and liking the cold weather but their tops are disappearing.
So I pottered, weeding a little, pulling down two barrowloads of leaf waste that is still hanging around the site and spreading it over various parts of the garden. I heaved up a few huge parsnips, gave some to my neighbour and cooked the others in honey and thyme (delicious, they are becoming mild and sweet with the cold weather), and picked at least a pound of sprouts.
And as I almost never leave the garden without a surprise, my neighbour said "your romanesco broccoli is coming on a treat". My what? and lo and behold, the things I had thought were broccoli mistaken as cow cabbage (kale) have turned out to be those pointy light green broccoli. A veg that I didn't realise I had :-D Maybe they will be ready for Christmas dinner...

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We constantly have this cold and foggy weather around here, it's amazing taking a walk at night when the full moon is up high in the sky.
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