Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just a quick update on my bread making efforts. The first loaf was OK, I must say a bit tastier than the normal loaf I would make. But it is still a dense cake-like crumb which I am not too happy with. If it doesn't tear off like a loaf then it is not real bread.
And the crust is 'orrible. Not dark enough, no chew, a bit crumbly. So I come to the conclusion that I didn't get the proportions right so I am making another batch :-D
Also I realised afterwards that they say to make some steam in the oven when you bake bread, so I will try that too.
But on the whole the starter seems to have been successful and the taste is improved so I will persevere until I get it right (might have to nip down to the organic shop for more flour soon though!!!!!). I know that Mel did it a lot of times till she got it right so I will not lose faith yet!

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