Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ok here are some of the promised pics.
Something is on my sprouts !! waaaah! I asked at A4A and they said either mealy aphids or white fly... wtf? whatever, gotta find a way to kill it.

anyway, in other news: here are the fruit bushes, you can see how big the physalis (cape gooseberry is, it is actually a bit invasive. I wonder when it will start perishing??
I took a few views of the overall picture, you can see that if you compare it with January's pics, there is no contest...
This is a view from the compost end
You can see in the foreground the cabbages, and some greenmanure behind it, the very green bits. The tallish things round the edges are cow cabbage, the leeks and sprouts are on the left side.
Then there is a view from the top end, you can see the last of the flowers, orange and yellow and the amputated sunflower stems. This is the section with fairly new seedlings, beans, beets and carrots.

Here you can see the artichoke and rhubarb.
I guess I am pretty proud of what I have done, but I know there is still a lot to be done!!!! sigh...

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It's amazing. You should feel proud. Hope you sort out what's up with your sprouts though. Brush them with your hand - if it's whitefly you'll get a cloud of the buggers. I get those but they don't do that much damage. My money's on caterpillars. You might be able to find where they're hiding - look under leaves and in crevices of the plant. Then squash the b******s dead. The alternative is spraying some sort of poison on your sprouts and you don't want that, do you?
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