Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More harvesting! I am quite pleased with what is coming out, although it is not much compared to the work put in.
I only did a bit of tidying up apart from the picking, watered a bit as it is quite dry, pulled out a couple of the sunflower stems remaining, weeded the leeks, washed down the sprouts with soapy water as they have some aphids attacking them.
I think I am putting off the big clean up that really needs doing before the cold November and December rains. This means finishing planting out the strawberry babies, pulling up the tomatoes and digging over and weeding that section, give a good weeding everywhere and pile up all the grassy stuff so I can mulch the perennials during the winter. But I must get around to it soon. And lay the paths, except that I have not yet collected enough cardboard to do it properly (I want to lay cardboard under the wooden squares to stop weeds). Hmm the list gets longer the more I think about it...

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