Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yesterday was Monday and I had a day off. Not brilliant weather but at about 5 it brightened so the kids and I set off to the garden. We dug over the patch that I had covered (the former pea patch) and that was pretty easy, we pulled out some of the bindweed roots but of course it is too hard to get all of it out. We hauled the tarpaulin over to a new patch to kill the weeds, that will be the garlic patch in a few weeks time.
I dug, Smallest One was meant to be pulling out roots but she was actually pulling out worms and taking them down to the compost... Biggest one raked it over. They then went to pull the rocket seeds off the dried plants for me (but really it only caused squabbling, I will have to do more of it myself later in the week.)
Then we planted 2 rows of broad beans (a first timer there), the kids were surprised to see the beans when I opened the packet!!!
After that I put in some salad onions to overwinter, a row of red scarole lettuce (maybe it's called endive actually???) and a row of scarole lettuces for autumn/winter. Finally a little row of radishes, maybe we will get some of those if we are lucky.
[UPDATE!!!! that red thing I sowed is this:
click for pic]

The seeds I sowed in the summer are doing really well. I have dwarf beans that look ready to flower, carrots that seem to be working at last, a nice row of beets and more parsnips and the spinach is off to a flying start. I hoed a little bit but I had to hand weed some of it, teh hoeing was a bit scary for the seedlings.
I am also surprised by my raspberries. There are quite a few on the bush now waiting to ripen! It is Harvest, a late fruiter. Must get a couple of earlies next spring!!! I had thought that this being the first year I would get none. They are exquisite.
The physalis too is starting to ripen. The fruit "lanterns" start to dry on the bush and once they are papery you can harvest them. I was unfamiliar with it but it is terrific, I will make space for some more next year!!! :-D
I guess you could say that the autumn garden is shaping up better than the summer one...oh well, we can't help the weather can we???

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