Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Well I feel like I have had a super productive week in the garden. On Friday evening I went to the local garden shop, it is a little nursery run by some older people and it has been established for a long time, and even though it is a bit more expensive than the chain stores, everything I bought from them has worked really well. They sold me my leeks and Brussel sprouts which are going great guns.
Anyway I let myself be tempted by some Milan wrinkly cabbages (with curly leaves!) and some landcress seeds and lo and behold they sold green manure!! in little bags, really cheap, 2 euros a bag of 250g. Phacelia and mustard. So I bought some of that too.
Saturday down to the lottie, pulled up the potato patch, what a disappointment, they were obviously poorly as I got about 3 kilos of spuds, probably more or less what I planted. Oh well, just have to manure a different patch and start that again in the spring. I fertilised that patch with my super organic pooey stuff (it's shop bought stuff made from seaweed, bird poo, some other stuff, anyway it's really powerful) and some of my own compost which is very nice looking now. Then planted the cabbages and sowed some of the green manure over the rest.
I then sowed a little row of this landcress, see what happens, I have never grown that before.
I harvested:
So that was quite a productive trip. But to be honest the harvest is really far from brilliant, last time I grew my own veg I would often come home with a boxful of various bits and bobs.

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