Monday, September 24, 2007

Things are slowing down in the garden, it's that time.
Had the big (but relatively interesting) job on Saturday of cutting down teh sunflowers. OMG I didn't realize how HEAVY they were! Of course I was on foot so ended up lugging about 12 kilos of flowerheads back home, where I wrapped the heads in newspaper and hung them up to dry. The seeds are looking really promising, very big and plump. Now just have to figure out what to do with them!!
The raspberries are still giving as are the little tomatoes, so we ate some of those over the weekend.
The strawberry runners I planted are being watched carefully. Some seemed to be dying off, but on closer inspection they are giving a little green crown in the middle so I guess they have rooted after all. 3 or 4 seem dead though, but I have some more rooted runners that I found around the initial patch so I have some replacements for those. Next year should be mega strawberry year, yum yum. In fact I must say that I find the fruit growing the most satisfying thing of all.
I also planted those nice roses that my friend gave me, four in the ground and one in a big pot. Wait till spring now and see if they take. I tied up my one chrysanthemum which was very floppy, it is full of flower buds and should give a spectacular display (they are white double heads).
I think that pretty soon there will be other things, the Brussel sprouts are forming and so are the leeks, I have flowers all over the late french beans and the carrots and beets are swelling. The handful of peas I planted are now bizarrely doing well, while all the spring ones were disastrous. Strange.
It is all going to be maintenance from now on, get some fertilising material in (MUST find poo!!!), sow more green manure wherever there is a patch and cut down all the things that will die off over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully having the whole winter period to prepare this year will mean a better harvest next spring.
Next step - take some pics for you all :-)

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I must look for strawberry runners. Thanks for reminding me.
Oh yes, I was so surprised by how far some of them had travelled, I nearly stepped on a few. some of the "mother stems" had trailed right alon the ground so I hadn't seen them. Amazingly it hasn't stopped the plants giving lots of fruit - yesterday I stopped by a picked another whole bowlful.
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