Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh yes
And I forgot this: an old-fashioned gardening calendar, the Gard'ners Kalendure from 1683. Still as relevant now as then!! Just goes to show that nature doesn't change (perhaps it will need revising for global warming in a few years???)


That is priceless! Thanks for the link.
Yes I thought it was very cute. All the Olde Englishe names for things. Also goes to show that our ancestors were partial to a little tipple from the garden, mead, perry, cider etc! I know that my grandfather, who was a miner, had an allotment and my mother remembers him making fruit wines, including dandelion wine. How you make that now, who knows.
I suppose that back then if you grew all that it was because it really helped you to have fresh things in an otherwise poor diet, but I am sure they had as much pleasure as we do in pulling up a radish, rubbing off the dirt and eating it, or smelling their freshly pulled carrots and parsnips.
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