Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Made a lightning visit to the lottie this morning - it would appear that my fork has been found! Chucked into the field next door. But one of the other chaps has locked it up for safe keeping so I will have to wait to get it back. They are ordering us some new locks for the sheds.
I planted a nice bay tree/bush that my friend gave me (thank you Elodie!!). It would be good it if started off before the cold weather.
I pottered around, picked some ripe strawberries and raspberries that I am now scoffing for my breakfast, a few ripe tomatoes and a courgette. A nice little surprise harvest there.
I watered the new plantations. Some of the strawberries have wilted but some are in fine form. There are still some runners over in the ground, I have a few replacements if they don't all take.
I have radishes coming up and some new spinach.
The garden still is messy and unstructured but at least now it looks like a real garden, tended regularly, with healthy plants in it. It could do with a good weeding though, and a tidy up. Must do that on saturday.
Next big job - lay the proper paths! Yes I keep saying it but I want to do it before the bad weather sets in. Will have to collect cardboard for the occasion, and get out the linseed oil that is in the cellar to oil up the wooden slats to protect them a bit. Once I get started I expect it will be quick and it will make a world of difference to how the plot looks!!

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