Monday, September 17, 2007

Lovely sunny weekend, even went to the beach on Sunday (first and last time of the year I would say). Walked down to the lottie on Saturday with Smallest one, and found that my fork had been put back in my shed for me, thanks to the old fellows that found it.
So I could dig up a few carrots :-D
Mostly harvesting:
The rest seems to be getting on as well as possible. We had a great time pulling snails off the leeks and sprouts. rotten buggers. We pulled them off by hand and put them, in a bucket which Smallest One then took round the side of the shed, emptied and trampled on. Yeugh.
I weeded a fair bit, hoed, watered, think I might get some good late carrots and beets from the last sowings, they are coming on quite well.
The next task will be to harvest the sunflower seeds, it is about their time. And more green manure sowing to fill in all the gaps before the cold season.

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