Thursday, September 13, 2007

I heard something very funny on the radio that made me think of ... Allotment Lady!! A lady was talking about her chickens, and she said that she had named them during the elections so they are all called things like Nicolas (Sarkozy, the president) who apparently is an arrogant little rooster that crows at 5 am and has a large sexual appetite. ha ha Why Allotment Lady? because of all her chicken stories of course!!
I would like to have chickens but we aren't allowed on our lotties.


We're not allowed chickens on our lottie either, but we have them at home. Even though our garden is tiny, they take up very little space. Couldn't you have chickens at home?
well I would like to but as I live in a flat...ha ha
perhaps I could put them on the roof and hope that no one notices...????
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