Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello! back again after a fairly long absence. Came back from two weeks holidays to find; it had still been raining here since I left :(
So I have three tomato plants still alive with a little bit of fruit on it.
This is the best one; not much to write home about
All the pumpkins, melons etc are dead, my courgette plants gives me one rotten fruit and one good one alternately, the strawberries are rotting on the plant as it is so wet. My garlic has not bulbed at all, so I will be harvesting and chucking it on the compost. I will try to plant some in autumn and over-winter it...
In good news, I picked about 2 kgs of beans which are delicious, I have lots of lettuce and the broccoli looks nearly ready to produce heads. I have nice fennel (still small but nice raw in salad), a few carrots, beetroots and the first parsnips!!! They smell gorgeous, about 30 cm long with a broad head (Guernesey demi-longs). These are the March/April sowings: The parsnips seeds I sowed about 3 weeks ago are sprouting nicely too.
And I may finally get some spinach! That has grown this time.
So to sum up, the autumn plants seem promising but the summer ones, well, just forget it.
Now wondering what else can I sow for a crop in autumn or winter? I am guessing that I can get some winter spinach in, my lamb's lettuce, maybe some more cabbage? there is plenty of room.
I guess I am disappointed by my first year but I now that the climate conditions are extraordinary so I don't want to remain pessimistic. At least I know what I want to plant next year and what I will be leaving out :D

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You are quite right not to be disheartened. This year has been totally freaky, and a "right bugger" by anyone's standards.

Every time I visit your blog, I'm anxious to see if you have avoided being bullied by the interfereing old farts that run the site...but you have risen above it all season, and stuck to your plan, to stake your claim!

"Good on yer mate"... as I belive they say in th antipodies ;)

Well thanks for that! Yeah the old fart seems to have been appeased, maybe this year's crop disaster has kept him busy with other things. At least I will have time in the off season to get the place tidied up now that I know things actually will grow there!!! I now have plenty of new ideas for next year (more onions, sweetcorn, more squash, more physalis, a herb garden, a cold frame) and I am raring to go!
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