Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back down the lot yesterday for a bit of a dig. Biggest One helped me sow some late seeds, carrots, beets, radishes and the first lot of Mache (lamb's lettuce), also two seed beds for autumn lettuce, green oak leaf and frisee.

We tidied up a fair bit, raking out the dried weeds etc and filling a whole wheelbarrow full. Still loads of weeds though, how many can possibly grow in one plot??

We then started looking at the fruit bed which is a bloody mess. The kids weeded the raspberries a bit (fighting all the time :-( ) and I set to the strawberries. The weeds have massacred the netting! I will have to fix it up a bit. There are LOADS of runners! I cut a lot off in the summer but more apparently escaped my notice and they have even rooted. So I will now have to snip them off, lift them and make a new bed. Still that will fill in that corner nicely, as it had too much spare room up to the boundary so I got very weeded-down. Now I will have black plastic all the way to the edge, I will put some wood down to neaten off the fruit section.

Here's a pic of the rasps and the physalis which is big and seems to be cropping well. Patience, not ripe yet...

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