Monday, July 09, 2007

The weather just has not let up at all so I abandoned any ideas of going to the allotment this weekend. I will try and see if I can pop up this week sometime as there might be things to harvest and I wanted to see if any of my seeds have germinated.
In the meantime, I made some jam! But not with anything off the plot as there is not fruit this year except the strawberries.

Nectarine Jam

1.8 kilos nectarines, washed and cut up
Cooked in about half a cup of water, juice of one lemon until soft and well reduced
Add 1.5 kilos sugar (I did a half and half with preserving sugar as necatrines don't have much pectin), boil up well (about 15 minutes on the boil).
Smell lovely nectariney smell, gorgeous orange pink colour
Make up into jars (got 6 jars out of this lot), store upside down as I didn't have any paraffin for the tops. It's a bit of a runny jam still, as necatrines don't have that much pectin but flavour is great.

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