Monday, June 04, 2007

Phew, yesterday morning was actually quite hot so I was quite enthusiastic down at the allotment. At one point I was sweating so much that I actually had drops of sweat running down my face which is highly unusual for me.
I managed to dig over two plots, one of which filled with aubergines, some straggly tomatoes that may possibly die, we will see, and another melon plant, a Charentais this time. I put in some compost as I dug so the soil might be rich enough. I had been to the nursery Saturday morning where I spent 20 euros on those plants, leeks, brussel sprouts, a rhubarb and some fancy organic fertiliser which hopefully will help me grow some better root veg in the next few weeks.
The sprouts went in next and the rhubarb. I realised that my plans to plant my green bean seeds were fanciful so I gave that up as a bad joke. Next weekend,it won't be too late then.
So there I was on me hands and knees planting 50 leeks and my neighbour comes over "you're planting leeks then are you?" He is a pleasant chap so I refrained from answering "No no I am using them for bizarre sexual gratification". I was pleased though because he showed me his plot and it's worse than mine!!!! His peas are useless too, he has even less than me, and his veg were very weedy. Nice lettuces though, and some great red onions. I said to him, "that patch there is getting overrun, why don't you cover it?" and he answered, "Oh you're quite right, but when I saw the aggro that you got for that, I thought I wouldn't bother!" And he went on to say that my idea of mulching and covering seemed to work very well. I felt so vindicated!!! I replied that I didn't give a monkey's nuts what anyone (meaning the "supervisor") thought of my gardening techniques, that's not the point of having a veg garden!!! So victory to those persistent enough to tell fools to p**s off!
Anyway, here is this week's roundup of life in the garden:
Well, I am still finding the whole lot untidy and pretty weedy, it could do with just a two hour session of hoeing but my priority now is the beans. I am still just weeding sporadically to keep the worst bits under control but it's not really ideal. On Thursday I must try and get hold of some more straw at the racetrack and keep mulching as it seems to just be the best idea to get it all tidy quickly!!!

Phew! sounds like a satisfying day down on the allotment.
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