Monday, June 11, 2007

A fairly victorious weekend in the garden.
As you know, I had put down a tarpaulin, to smother a very grassy section where I wanted to plant my green beans.
Well, this weekend was the great moment. I lifted the tarp. Lo and behold underneath was a completely weed free area that to boot was beautifully moist and crumbly. And I was especially pleased that the grumpy neighbours were there (BBQing and not digging ha ha) to see the wondrous occasion. In ten minutes I had a quick fork over (this is the bit that I had already bastard trenched in January) and Biggest One (who is becoming a more willing helper) helped me scar out some rows and we planted our beans: in all about half an hour's work. I cannot tell you how triumphant I felt ! I suppose it is mean but I thought it was a great rude finger sign to the site supervisor who thought my methods were bunk.
Best of all we were treated to the sight of a gigantic green lizard and a tiny field mouse that were disturbed by our efforts. The tarp has been moved, to the last bit that needs clearing, then I will have succeeded in planting a 100 m2 allotment in less than 6 months. untidily I admit, with carpet paths still, but planted nonetheless.
AND we went home with about 20 strawberries, some new potatoes that were hiding under the carpet, two handfuls of peas and two beautiful red lettuces.
There are also:
So all in all I am very pleased now when I got to the lot, as I feel that all my hard work has paid off, at least a little.

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This may not be what you want to hear, but did you fork the soil to make sure it wasn't full of roots? Some weeds persist underground even then the top foliage has died off. If it was just normal lawn grass under there you're probably OK (God knows, it's easy enough to kill lawn grass - bloody tricky to keep the damn stuff alive). Hope you didn't have any couch grass among it though.
Hi Melanie! Thanks for your comment. I did a bit of a speed weed, yes. There were still soem bindweedroots but they had been considerably weakened so I did pull out some root. But the ground was so nice and soft that it was a breeze, just chopped it all up in no time. Of course I will soon tell next week if it all comes back :-D
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