Thursday, June 28, 2007

Catastrophic, that's the only word I can use to describe the state of the garden. For most of June, the weather has been rainy and miserable and significantly colder than it should be. This has not really helped the garden at a time of year when everything is expecting sun :-(
Some things do seem to like the weather;
So I am not too optimistic about this year's results, which of course is an enormous disappointment to me. And I think I have an enormous work session ahead of me this weekend to try and tidy everything up as the weeds are rampant.
Highlight- This morning I harvested 4 lettuces, some rocket 2 gherkins that had grown oversized and 3 courgettes. And some oversized radishes that maybe I can grate into a salad??

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Oh dear it does sound a bit of a forlorn tale. Blasted weather is absolutely no use at all right now!
Still, all is not lost as you seem to have a least a few veggies that like being soaked and frozen!
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