Monday, May 14, 2007

What a wasted weekend, rained the whole bloody time, so no chance to go to the allotment :-(
Popped into the garden centre to see if there was anything I could get to replace the dead plum tree that I tried planting (no go there) but everything was way too expensive, so I guess I will just fill that gap with something temporary, maybe some late spuds??? and try to get something in the autumn or just prepare the ground there for next spring and try something like a kiwi fruit plant or maybe a hazel nut??
but on the whole a gardening dead zone...
POST SCRIPTUM: I ended up filling the gap with some leftover tomatoes and the sweet peppers as I could not be bothered digging up the place where I had originally intended to put them.


it's great to be linking with you and I love reading your blog.
Like you we also have the rain and have been for the past 2 weeks.
It's making it very hard to get to the lottie and continue the successional sowing. Will have lots of weeding too!!! guess I'll have to get me wellies and raincoat out hee heee! moan moan moan !!! nevermind sun's due sometime!
I look forward to seeing the update photo's of your plot as you really have been cracking on.

Hope to hear from you soon
in the meantime
take care
The Bue Gate Allotment
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