Friday, May 11, 2007

Think that I should start a scavenging tag ha ha. Got a few useful bits and pieces this week. When I went to get my organic veg there was another pile of straw at the racetrack, so that went in a garbage bag and in the car boot. I have taken to travelling with bags in the car just in case!
Then I found two nice pallets outside work and I pulled them apart with a crowbar. I want to plank off a few bits of the lot that are in poor nick and try and improve the soil.
I am starting to wonder if my peas are doing poorly because they are getting the runoff down the main path from the top lots - since I don't know what the other gardeners put on their soil, maybe that is it? So I think I will seal off that area and put some compost on it and try another batch of peas. It isn't too late.
Had a sniff around when I took the straw and wood down there this evening. We will have some more strawberries this w'end, yippee, and I took a close look at the gooseberries, and there they were - the first tiny berries!! So cute. I was starting to think that they might not fruit this year.
In fact, this week has been cool and rainy and it seems to have done the place good, maybe it is me, but I even have the impression that the weeds are falling back. There are still a couple of bits that are disgraceful but on the whole I am pleased with things. The tomatoes seem to have resisted in the dreadful wind we have had this week and the melons and pumpkins are holding there own. Lettuce is growing nicely too. The first leaves on the courgettes seem to have been tattered a bit but there is a lot of new growth in the middle which is probably more important. The physalis has been a bit blown about by the wind but I am told that it is very hardy, so it will probably be OK.
Starting to finally see some seedling action!! Carrots, parsnips and beets are finally through, I am relieved! the spuds and alliums are doing great and even the broccoli seed has germinated, as have the new beans. I am thinking of starting a little square for some leeks, that I will grow from seed and transplant out later in the season. I have not given much though to the winter garden yet.
Of course the general feel of the place has not changed, there are lots of peripheral weeds and a few bits of tall grass here and there; I should probably attack that with the secateurs and try and make it at least presentable. But certainly it is nothing like what it looked like before my holidays so I have achieved that goal at least.
This weekend is set to be busy, but still veg oriented, we are visiting the farm where our organic veg box comes from! OH is going to be sick of the sight of veg soon. Still I would like to get in a couple of hours because I need to weed, plant some more tomatoes, dig over the site for the sweet peppers, sow some more spinach and peas and tidy up where I can using the pallet wood. And take some more pics! My mediocre photographic ability is catching up with me! But it would be great to show the plot as it is now, it has changed so much.

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