Friday, May 04, 2007

Things are moving in the lottie and moving fast.
Unlike me, because after two solid days of digging and planting, all the muscles are on strike!
The paper that was suffocating the weeds is gone, replaced with 3 rows of pretty yellow butter beans, and a more esthetic tarpaulin to cover the section that I will plant in a couple of weeks with the next lot of dwarf beans.
The very weedy patch is 90% dug over and filled with tall wooden stakes and small tomato plants. At a farmers' fair I bought a "Noire de Crimée" tomato plant that gives red-black fruit. Another experiment. The gherkins and melons are in and the pumpkin patch just needs composting and is ready for the plants. Planted 3 chilli plants, and 2 Chinese Lanterns (physalis) next to the raspberries.
Everything has been weeded and the potatoes are mulched with a thick layer of straw.
New lettuces are in, and I re-sowed carrots and parsnips as the very first lot didn't work. But the more recent beets, carrots and parsnips are just showing their faces. There is a very grassy patch next to that that needs digging yet, but I am getting there.
Sowed broccoli and roquette. Sowed more sunflower, think a couple were pinched by birds!!
The strawberries already have berries! So Small Ones helped gather rocks to hold it down
and we strung netting over the bed to stop marauders. They ahd fun picking up baby potatoes as I dug over the tomato patch - the last occupant must have had spuds there in the past and they had come up in among the weeds and left some little gifts for us. I cooked them last night with a few chives from the garden and they were delicious.
And as a final touch this morning I went to the DIY place and bought 36 wooden pavers to lay out as a place to put our table and chairs. That section still has to be dug and flattened but I currently have some weed mulch and cardboard over it so with a bit of luck it won't be too hard to get it ready.
Piccies coming this weekend! I would like everything to grow overnight! even though I know that isn't very realistic!

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