Monday, May 21, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain. The garden is drenched and the plants seem to be protesting. The pumpkins are looking sorry for themselves. Now we need a good bit of sun to perk everything up.
Went down yesterday, had a tiny harvest!! Strawberries, two curly endive lettuces (tasty but very bitter, had to cut them they were ready to bolt) and some radishes.
Everything is pretty slow, as it has not been terribly warm. Some things obviously like the weather, especially the spuds - I have started to spot some flowers so soon we might be enjoying some new potatoes! The onion and garlic are very tall now, I hope they look decent underground? Also looking good are parsnips (yay!) the lemon balm (indestructible that one), the lettuce, the fruit bushes. I can see some broccoli seedlings but it is a bit slow. Carrots and beets have started but still small.
The peas are slightly better: readers will know that I am distressed by their crappiness. Yesterday I weeded them, dug and scraped around the patch, added a bucket of compost to the soil and sowed more peas, a row of sugarsnap and two rows of ordinary. With a bit of luck, they might do better than the others.
Weeded a lot all round the place, re sowed some radishes; spinach also wins a crappy award, it is barely through and seems very slow to me.
I set Biggest One to with the secateurs, his mission was to cut all the long grass tufts that were making the edges insightly, and he did quite a good job. Eventually we got caught be rain and hot footed it back home.
Taking stock of what is still to be done:
So the garden is shaping up. Need more pics I am painfully aware of this but as camera is hubby's, it is logistically a bit hard. Also I am a crap photographer :-D

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