Friday, May 25, 2007

Popped down very quickly this morning to take some pics, which I did. Then got to work and realized that I didn't have the lead to transfer the pics to the computer!! AArgh! The gods are against me on the picture taking front.
Anyway, there will be more strawbs to pick tomorrow, and maybe a lettuce. Quick update:
This weekend's objectives (probably completely pie in the sky but we'll try I have about two hours to work on the plot, and if I started weeding it would take up the whole time):
  1. Dig the last section in root veg and sow leek, brocoli and brussel sprout seeds in a seed bed. Try last ditch spinach effort.
  2. Plant final tomato batch. Give a compost dressing to the tomatoes if time.
  3. Dig the bean patch over (it is resting under cover so should be quicker that the other bits) and put in the main bean crop (greens and yellows).
  4. Net the gooseberry bushes and weed around them (there is a lot of grass and some bind weed).
PS - ALL these good intentions were thwarted by rain. Roll on next weekend...

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