Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hoping that I might actually do some gardening this weekend although it is going to be cloudy according to the weather report. Considering the family's lack of interest in having a meal area down there, I have changed my plans and think I will use the wooden squares for paths and will dig over the recreation area and instead use it to plant some more veg. I am considering going to the local nursery and getting some plants because the seed success so far is really pretty dismal.
A neighbour gave me some broccoli plants which was very kind of him. My seed doesn't seem to have really done much, there are a few broccoli seedlings, about a centimetre high. So I will have to prepare a space for these seedlings, for now I have just heeled them into a corner, they are about 20 cm high and look good.
The lettuce is bolting! but it isn't even very filled out yet! So I have cut some, the curly endive is tough, I don't think I will bother with that again, but the romaine type looked better. I hope I can plant the rest of the beans this weekend, not only will it rid me of the dreaded tarpaulin hiding the weeds but it might fill the plot, if the sun ever comes out again. I will have a last go at the sunflowers because only 5 have actually grown. I wanted a dozen :-(
But when will the sun come out!! It is terribly frustrating as everything seems to be cold and stunted down on the lot !!

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