Monday, April 16, 2007

Went down yesterday but had a splitting headache so ended up not staying that long. Covered the to-be-beans plot with newspaper, weighing it down with wood and clumps of weeds from other bits of the plot.

Got some very odd looks from the others...but no comments. If it kills enough of the grass and weeds off to put the beans in, then that will be enough for me.
There is a old fella on our lots that has a rotovator and will run over the plot for a few beers - I feel I may have to cave in and get him to at least rotovate the part where the toms, courgettes etc will go, as I can't see myself managing to hand dig all that in a fortnight's time. Even if it might spread the weeds, I might have had time to mulch and black plastic the crops by then. I put a massive bit of cardboard over some of it, maybe that will kill enough weeds to let me get the tomatoes in??
I also weeded the herb garden, looks much neater now, planted some coriander seeds in it and...planted a row of sunflowers! Oh bummer, I labelled the picture but it isn't very clear...

The lettuce plants look OK, a bit wilted but I watered them well and it is cooler today.
The potatoes are starting to show their leaves, and in the barrel too!! but I won't cover them until they are a little bigger than now. (you can see the spud bin on the pic above)
From the flowers we planted I can only see the nasturtiums starting to come up... Still no sign of the carrots, parsnips, beets...
Purchases this weekend:
In the seedling department, the tomatoes have gone outside into the planters to get used to the big wide world. The gherkins need repotting and the sweet peppers seem to be sprouting!! Good news.

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