Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seedling update!
The tomato plants are outside and are itching to go in the ground. There is also a melon plant (rockmelon, or cantaloupe, whatever, a charentais) and several more gherkins.
There are a few lettuce that really should be planted out but I think that from now on I will sow lettuce seed straight in the ground. On the whole, seedlings are a failure (note for next year!).
Sweet pepper doing well - there are about a dozen seedlings that I need to transplant to decent sized pots.
My Qld Blue pumpkins are starting to show! I am so proud!
My Brussels Sprout seeds have sprouted into cute seedlings. They have funny rounded leaves. I have never grown cabbagey type things before, this will be an interesting experience.
Need to go get some potting mix from the allotment as I have 25 MoneyMaker tomato seeds to pot (trying a later harvest of those...) and I want to try potting some flowers both for the garden and the balcony.
Now I see that the seeds are so easy to do, I think I will pot up a few and give them away to some friends with gardens.

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