Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OK, who wants to identify some weeds?
I managed to photograph some of them, maybe someone will be able to tell me what the hell they are and how to get rid of them.
This is the peskiest, seems to get everywhere:
These are too quite prolific: think they are a sow thistle?
And these skinny things with yellow flowers:
Now I know this is a weed but I think it is quite pretty; but what is it?
A Mars Bar to the best answerer ;-)


have had a few answers via a forum:
No 1 is... bindweed??? F***k and double f***k.
No 2 is sow thistle
No 3 is groundsel
No 4 might be a wild pansy, what is sometimes called Johnny Jump Up??

And saw this useful weed tip on a forum:
Alternatively, get yourself a plastic barrel. Pile the bindweed roots in there, and fill with water. Leave it for a few weeks to ferment, and it makes lovely liquid manure.
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