Friday, April 20, 2007

A non-gardening entry: just a big thank you to Dandelion from Allotments4All who sent me 3 lovely Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds. These are enormous blue-grey pumpkins that grow in my native Queensland and which I haven't eaten for many a moon. They keep well and have succulent orange flesh. They have been duly planted and I hope that soon I will see them germinating so I can post a little piccie of them.
Yesterday I asked the farmer at my organic veg delivery what were the pumpkins that we ate last season, as they were delicious. She informs me that we had Potimarron, and a "Longue de Nice" which is a long butternut style. I know they also grew Sweet Dumpling variety but the only time I took one it went bad so I don't know what they taste like.
The seedlings are doing well, maybe too well - the good weather should last for many days yet according to the weather bureau and the courgettes are getting out of hand so I think that tomorrow might be moving day for those. I might try one or two of the tomatoes and see how they get on. I am a bit nervous of putting them all out in case the weather turns cold.

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Update- the pumpkin seeds are sprouting, noticed yesterday (Apr 24) so they have been fairly quick.
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