Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A mixed weekend for the allotment. I went down on Saturday but didn't have loads of time.
What is doing well:

And here are the strawberries:

What is worrying me:
My barrel o' taties is just sitting there but I guess I can't expect the potatoes to rear their heads after just a few days!
I watered everything, as it has been dry and sunny here. Perhaps this is just a praying period garden wise???
Splurged out on 2 courgette, 2 cherry tomato and 2 Roma (egg) tomato plants and a tray of lettuce, to compensate for my pathetic seeding efforts. I have another tray of lettuce sprouting in the kitchen!! Hope they are not doomed to death too?
Indoors, the tomatoes are coming along marvellously and so is my pot of coriander. The gherkin seeds have sprouted and I will quickly transplant them into little pots I think. There are about 15! I will never be able to plant all of those!! I guess I will give them away. Still waiting for the sweet pepper seeds to sprout though.
I really need to get stuck into a weed control plan and start preparing the spaces for the beans and tomatoes as time is slowly creeping forward.

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