Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lightning quick visit this morning to water - it has been so hot...
Pulled a few weeds out of the strawberries! The little sods! They have made their way out of the plastic! Think I got them all out though. The strawbs have flowers, at least the earlies. And they were being visited by...an ENORMOUS bumble bee! Pollination is in the air.
I took some piccies so the blog will be very colourful by this afternoon. Took pics of my weeds!
The peas are coming up! So thrilled. Of all the veg that I really want to succeed, it is the peas and the toms because they are so tasty fresh!
I have been on the forum at Allotments4All and their enthusiasm is uplifting! Given me lots of plans...
I have decided that it would be nice to have some pumpkin. It will use up some space and is such a delicious vege, and so hardy.
the potato barrel seems to be working - I leaned it over a bit so it gets some more sun inside, as the spuds are a fair way down in it. They are getting leaves. During the week I will pop down and put some more compost on them.
Look at the garlic and onions:
I am quite proud of them.
Here is what the whole shebang looked like this morning. Doesn't seem much for 3 months work, but well, one day at a time.
Once again photo is crappy for labels. Think you can open the original though...

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