Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just a bit of seedling maintenance to report on. Some of my tomatoes are now little plants! I am so thrilled with them! There are a dozen, Marmande type. There are 10 others though that are not doing so well, so I repotted them into some richer potting mix and peat (yes yes, naughty) to see if this does the trick. The first batch of lettuce are mostly ready to go into the ground, I will start hardening them off for a few days as the weather here is lovely for now, although a bit cool.
Could not resist the 0.29 cent seeds at LIDL, so I will have a go at seedlings instead of buying plants. But I think I will end up giving s0me baby plants away as I won't have room for 15 pepper or gherkin plants :-D
Speaking of which, does anyone know how many gherkins one plant gives? on average? Any experience growing those? I would like to make my own pickles...

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