Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The gardening gods have well and truly shat on my head. I have bindweed, or so I am told.
I went this morning to examine this more closely and saw little heads of it creeping up in the spinach and pea patches. The sneaky bastard... So I spent about 20 minutes pulling it out of the more critical zones and this weekend I will head down there and set about it in a more military fashion. TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!!
I dunno, last time i saw bindweed it was bigger with pretty flowers but maybe this is what the seedlings look like?
Refuse to use roundup made by a chemical company surrounded by nasty rumours. So will have to resort to mindless physical violence on it instead.
Still, there is some good news:
Spuds are coming up with a vengeance. They must be liking this warm patch.
Spud barrel is working. Put some more compost in it (actually a mix of peat, potting mix and horsey pooey stuff).
Planted some tarragon seeds.
Only one of the lettuces has died or been eaten by something so quite pleased. The others seem to be growing.
Peas are coming up.
Tomatoes, courgettes and gherkins are thriving outside in my sheltered planters. Ready to plant in a week or two.
Some nice lady in the UK has promised to send me some seeds for Queensland blue pumpkins. I hope they grow, then I will have a little bit of Australia in the garden! Of course they get huge so will end up giving them away probably :-D But the flesh is delicious and they suit dry conditions well.
Harvested my first crop! OK, 5 teeny tiny radishes. But I will savour them with delight.

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