Friday, April 06, 2007

The fine weather here has me just hankering to plant things! Went mad for my balcony last night, dragged in all the pots and containers and pulled out any straggly things left from last year, then I dug out half the soil and replaced it with new fresh potting mix and proceeded to plant
Gave it all a good watering, now let's wait and see what I end up with!!
Also went to get my organic veg and had forgotten that there was no distribution this week :-( But since it is at the horse racing track, I took advantage of the lack of people to dive onto the pile of horse pen waste that was there. Not a great deal of actual poo, but quite a lot of very humid straw, wood-waste bedding and no doubt horse pee. Seems organic, that should do the trick. I managed to snaffle three big bags of the stuff. Hope to God no one saw me digging around in a big pile of s**t.
I will dig it into the remaining beds this weekend and see if it helps anything. Might be good mulch around the fruit trees too which for now just have some shredded paper round their bases to keep them warm. OK some people say wood type waste might just carry disease but really I don't have much in the way of permanent planting and it's hard to see what harm it could do to what I do have. As far as I can see, the more organic material you can get on the garden, the better.
Question: does anyone know if I can grow Coriander in a pot? I put some seeds in, they are doing well. But maybe it gets quite big? I also put some in the garden, just to be on the safe side.
Happy Easter weekend everyone gardeners or chocoholics.

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