Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh oh and in other news, I have joined a Yahoo group called Freecycle. Think these exist all over the place now... (OK quick google proves the twattish nature of that statement, it's a worldwide concern...)
The idea is that it is a "giveaway" platform - if you have old stuff you don't want, advertise it, if you need something, say what you need, but NO MONEY must change hands. It's just give and take. I like this, it warps the capitalist system!
Anyway I thought I would be a bit cheeky and post a request for gardening objects! And some bloke has offered me a compost bin! Yay! Just have to organise to go and get it. Forgot to ask if there was any compost in it.... oh well if he doesn't want it I'll take that too.


Yeah, I've sarted using freecycle too. It's great, I've got rid of some stuff & put in a request for planks for my raised bed (no joy though).

BTW I've posted a reply to your (welcome) comment on my site.

Hello, I think freecycle is great as well, today I gave away some patchwork quilting magazines and a few weeks ago I recieved 12 demi johns and now have my first batch of home made wine on the go !
This fellow says he has a compost bin that he got from the council but never built! A wooden one. And also a small plastic one that already has compost in it. He said I could have that too so I might as well take advantage. I can always use the compost!Perhaps someone else would appreciate the plastic bin if I don't have room. But since I am composting my household waste too (well, as much as I can) I might well fill both!!
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