Monday, March 19, 2007

oh and I forgot the job that Smallest One and I did on Sunday! Pricking out the lettuce and tomato seedlings. She got quite filthy, even got potting mix in her hair (sigh). But she enjoyed it.
I followed the instructions from the Gardener's Almanac. I was surprised at how you can pull out the seedlings by their leaves! They are tough little buggers!! I thinned out some of the lettuce, some still needs doing (I have about 9 single plants), and all of the tomatoes (18), into single plants. Hmmm SO was already complaining about the seedtrays now there are twice as many. Hopefully in a couple of weeks the lettuce will be big enough to plant out!!! The tomatoes will be there for a while yet though!! I guess once it really warms up they can sleep somewhere else.
Also brightened up my balcony! Put in a big container with six strawberry plants and a pot of lavender. Just outside my bedroom window. Mmmm in July it is going to smell soooo sweet.

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Sounds like you had a good weekend. We were going to do looooots of digging, but the weather was so filthy we didn't do any :-(
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