Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A mixed weekend for gardening. It was a bright sunny weekend but I just didn't get around to actually planting :-(
I did go and get my compost bin though! Why do I always imagine that gardening things will be neat and tidy? This was just a stack of wood parts that had never been unpacked and had been lying on the lawn of this guy's house for months. Still, it is a fair size and when I slot it together it will be terrific. It was hard to get into the car though.
The guy was really friendly and also gave me a half-bag of potting mix, a garden "claw" and oh no, a nearly full bag of peat. Have just realized that the campagin is on to stop people using peat in their gardens :-S Mmmm well I guess since it has already been bought, I might as well use it, otherwise that is a bit silly. But I will remember not to buy it again. But then I will have my compost next time...
Speaking of compost, the guy also lead me to his current compost bin and said "I don't think the new owner of the house is interested, if you want some, take some." This was prime compost! Years old, although I found the quantity of eggshells somewhat offputting. They must have been old though because a small push reduced them to pieces. I filled a big garbage bag with this stuff, and it will now dutifully be mixed sparingly with the earth under my fruit bushes, and dug into the to-be tomato patch.


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