Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I received my plants!! When I got to work this morning, the postman had delivered a nice package for me. was a bit suprised to see the plants just sealed in plastic bags, still they are guaranteed so if they don't work, I will complain.
I got:
seeds - carrots (early and late), spinach, parsnips, basil
3 raspberry canes
3 gooseberry canes
a packet of strawberry plants, tied up in a rubber band
and a little bag of sparaxis bulbs (free gift)

We have decided that the garden needs a bit of heavy duty work, so next Saturday we will have a family digging day and all pitch together to get the spring plantings done. My spuds need going in, and all this fruit, plus a few carrots, beets and spinach and my pea plants. Must try to plant progressively, to avoid a huge glut...

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Hi, nice blog. Thanks for linking to me. I've linked back.

I've also bookmarked your blog so I'll keep reading up how you're getting on. Good luck.
For keeping the weeds down you could use cardboard - I use old cardboard boxes. You can cut a hole in it and plant your pumpkins and squashes for instance. It keeps the weeds down , keeps the moisture in and rots down too.

Am enjoying keeping up to date with what you are doing - must dash but will be back laterxxx
I'm all for the idea of getting the family in on the act! Except from my boyfriend my family refuse so I've roped my friend's brother in instead to shovel some muck with us this weekend. What fun!
mmm cardboard - I am a bit afraid of making my plot too messy, then again there is already old carpet all over the place and a huge wild compost pile, not to mention the fact that where I haven't planted yet I have only done the bare necessity weeding. So maybe I could bung some cardboard down... I am more worried now about what the weather forecast has said for next week..snow! gulp
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