Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hmmm was given an interesting prospectus this morning by a workmate: a local company called Ecosys sell natural compost, mulch and potting mix. It seems not very expensive, the mulch is 9 euros for 100l. They apparently have their own sites where they compost organic waste. They also sell wood for fires that has been recycled. They have a store not far from where I work, I think I will go and have a squizz, just to get an idea of the amount that represents. I fancy some of that mulch for the "Hot Veg" (tomato, gherkins, courgettes, peppers) plot that isn't going to be filled for some weeks yet...
Pouring down rain here today, at least the strawberry plants are getting a good drink!! Hope the onions don't rot though :-S

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