Friday, March 30, 2007

God, not the best week, gardening wise. Last weekend I didn't get to the lottie at all, and I only popped down quickly on Tuesday morning to plant a thyme bush and some violets that a friend had given me. I was distressed to see that the recent cold snap seems to have killed my peas :-( but that the gooseberries seem to be doing well, and the raspberries are still asleep.
My seedlings are a mixed bunch. One lot of tomatoes is thriving and the others are looking pale. Looks like I might need to replant them in a different medium. and the lettuces are doing well for the most part. I must sow some more this weekend, to renew the stocks.
Must do a few duties over the weekend, namely plant some more spuds, plant the strawberries, try sowing some peas and radishes and flowers. The weather seems to be warming up so maybe now is the right time?
And maybe I will at last fulfill my ambition of getting some horse crap from the pony club. I want some to spread as mulch till planting and some to mix for my potatoes that I am going to grow in the big bin. A few aches and pains seem likely for Monday :-)
I wish a good gardening weekend to all those reading.

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Sincerely hoping the Pony Club won't be anally retentive on the free crap issue....Don't they understand how much is riding on this? (Sorry, I'll stop now)
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