Friday, March 02, 2007

God I am bloody annoyed. Lidl (you know, cheap hard discount store, like Aldi) advertised all this gardening stuff, on sale from yesterday so at lunchtime I went out in the pouring rain to have a look, ended up doing the shopping at the same time as it happens, and there was practically nothing yet!! I really wanted some woven sheeting to put under the strawberries, it was only 4 euros! there was none left, probably been pillaged by rabid pensioners at 3 minutes past nine yesterday morning. Crap.
Well, I did get some pot holders to hang outside my window (I'll put them outside the bedroom, now that the bedroom has been redecorated, or halfway, and fill them with something bright and cheerful) and some very cheap seeds (29c a packet) of lettuce and spring carrots and also spectacularly dropped a bottle of orange juice smashing it all over the floor. Every customer at the checkout saw and they were all gaping like stunned mullets. I turned towards them and gave a sweeping theatrical bow but strangely enough no one clapped. God it's hard being dramatic sometimes. The checkout chick that had to clean the floor looked at me like a was a dog turd on the sole of her shoe, even though I did say sorry. I then had to load the groceries in the boot, again in the rain. What a day...


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