Friday, March 23, 2007

A friend at work gave me a nice gift: a pot of thyme and two little plants that she described as a sort of ground cover violet. She says they have pretty flowers and cover a lot of ground quickly, and they tend to invade but she says that she just attacks them with the hoe when they over-grow and don't mind. Good for path edges. I might put one just near the door of the shed instead of the weeds that are there. I will get some stones and make a little bed for them.
Looks like it will be a sucky weekend, probably rain, but then again that is the weather forecast so forgive me for being cynical. Will have to at least dig in this artichoke stump my friend is giving me.
Went past the pony club yesterday - WOW! the pile of manure and straw that is there! beckoning me... Tomorrow morning I will go, I swear, and get a few bags of it. Then I will be able to dance in it, like this guy... ha ha
Oh and big excitement, I got a big black bin (4€82 at Brico Depot, the discount hardware place) and I am going to try the vertical potato method in it. So the horse crap could be handy there too! SO is looking at the bin last night - "This isn't staying here, is it???!!!" He's just not into all this - and composting seems to be a pretty disgusting business all round to him.
I popped down to the lot yesterday morning, and even though we are having a cold snap, the raspberries and gooseberries seem to be starting new growth! Onions are coming up, and some spuds. Hope they don't catch cold. My peas are not looking well though. I might pop some seeds in this weekend, just in case the others flatline. The compost bin is dodgy, part of the front had dropped off!! I shall have to get some nails and screws in some strategic places I think.
To all those reading, have a nice weekend in your gardens (weather permitting...)

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