Friday, March 16, 2007

BUGGER!! in capitals! Meteo France has predicted SNOW for next week!! What am I going to do? My strawbs are in toilet rolls and the gooseberries and raspberries are in soil filled bags!!! How long can I leave them like that??? And should I at least bung them outside on the terrace to get them used to the nippy weather???
So much for my big planting session, although I think the spuds will be alright in the ground. Or should I plant it all and put plastic over it??
I am frantically forum-ing to try and get an answer from my experienced diggers!

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small update - an old timer on a forum told me: forget about your seeds for now, put your strawbs in pots and put your fruit bushes in a clump in a sheltered spot until you can plant them out (maybe they huddle together for warmth like Eskimos??), which all sounds like good advice to me, so that's what I will do.
Yeah, they'll be OK a bit longer as long as they dont a) dry out b) drown or c) freeze. just keep them somewhere suitable and they'll wait for you.

This is why I have no truck with "planting according to the phases of the moon". It's tricky enough planting according to the times when I'm available and when the weather isn't also dreadful. If I tried to figure in the moon as well I'd never plant anything.
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